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This is class IIIA kevlar soft bullet resistant body armor.

This vest will stop a 240gr. .44 magnum at 1200fps. as well as 9mm, 357 magnum and 12gauge buck shot from 10 feet away.

These vests consist of two ballistic panels inside cotton carriers that are fully velcro adjustable for comfort and concealability.

The ballistic panels are removable so the covers can be washed just like a t-shirt.

Available in these sizes and prices as follows:

small 36-38 $240.00

medium 40-42 $260.00

large 44-46 $290.00

x-large 48-50 $370.00

xx-large 52-54 $410.00

Prices include shipping and handling. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
Please make payments in money orders.

P.O. BOX 952
United States

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